Asimov Foundation


The activities of our organisation are determined by the free and effective flow of information and by community-based building and sharing of knowledge which, on the long run, can come true only in an environment where information concerning the community is transparent and accessible. The watchdog methodology of is a valuable tool to this end. We can see, however, that meanwhile our priority is country-wide cases, local NGOs deal with local issues regarding smaller communities, but they don’t possess the necessary tools. An essential goal for us is to share the knowledge on methodology in order for our knowledge centers to reach more and more of those concerned.

Other goals of our foundation are to broaden the professional horizon in IT, to give inspiration and to connect the members of the community with each other. Moreover, to facilitate genuine dialogue and sharing of information and knowledge among technologists through our events. To encourage innovative activities and effective professional cooperation among IT developer groups. To introduce (especially Hungarian) results and methods of modern informatics to society. The Foundation assists professional organisations and public benefit foundations to increase successfulness of their work through efficient and cost-effective IT solutions.


  • Year of foundation: 2009
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Chairman of the board: Ákos Maróy
  • Board members: Ferenc Attila Szalai, Ákos Kerékgyártó
  • Headquarters: 1066 Budapest, Teréz krt. 28. 5/3
  • Registration number: 01-01-0010715
  • Tax number: 18265541-1-42
  • Bank account no.: 10700385-48295008-51100005