The field of copyright is associated with important cultural, social and technological aspects, all of which have to be taken into account in formulating policy in this field. In the last 20 years copyright and patent holders in the different fields of industry and art have entered into a new period of redefinition. Nowadays copyright – that served to protect the interest of creators in the last centuries – seems to become a barrier of invention and knowledge sharing.

The aim of this Workshop was to better understand the situation of copyright in the Central EU countries. During the event the most important European copyright activists informed the participants about the current situation and the future activities.
The ‘V 4 paradigm shift in copyright’ Workshop was a great opportunity to discuss current domestic and international issues with the members of the intellectual property communities and to reflect on new challenges to copyright paradigms.
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09:30 Stefan Marsiske – Opening speech
10:00 Amelia Andersdotter MP of European Parliment, Pirate Party – Copyright issues in the EP
10:30 dr. Krzysztof Siewicz – Polish copyright law at a glance
11:30 Round table 1. Current copyright initiatives: where do we must keep an eye?
14:00 Kamil Śliwowski – Open licensing in education
14:30 László Kürti, Open SKM – Lobbying for civil interests, lobbying for open source for public institutions
15:00 Michał Woźniak – Tape2Peer. Analogue and digital sharing in Poland
15:30 Martin Husovec, Free Software Foundation Europe – Using Fiduciary Licence Agreement to assign copyrights
16:00 Round table 2. – Copyright models in the Visegrad countries before 1989
09:30 Ákos Maróy – Copyright law used for extortion & racketeering
10:00  Gabriella Ivacs, OSA – Archives in the digital landscape
10:30 Petr Jansa, Creative Commons Czech Republic – Legal aspects of CC-licenses with respect to Czech law. Copyright in light of CC-licences and new technologies in general.
11:30 Round table 3. – Paradigm shift of copyrights: incitement or control over the creation
14:00 Jarosław Lipszyc – The creator or controller? User rights, copyrights, and control of information flow.
14:30 Balázs Bodó
15:30 Open discussions, networking